A morning at the Pena Farm

On a VERY hot day in the Redlands, FL, I had the distinct pleasure to spend a few hours with a beautiful family. Miami, although a large city, is such a small world where everyone knows everyone, and I am lucky to know the Penas. 

Marlowe Rose & D'Angelo

I planned a shoot with my sister in law, Lizette, for my 4 month old niece Marlowe Rose. When I arrived to location, Marlowe's cousin D'angelo was in the mood for fun, too! Needless to say, I was able to capture two adorable babies in one shoot! 

Pena Family Portrait

I've known Monica more than half my life. A few years ago, she met the perfect guy for her, Alex. After that, they had one of the cutest kids in town, Carolina. I got lucky enough to show up right after a Sunday afternoon nap for a great summer portrait session!

Baby Audrey Jewel

At just 4 days old, I had the pleasure of shooting my friends Jesus and Robin's baby girl Audrey Jewel.